My name is Janet Magusin and this is my dog Tori. I run Canine Companion Training out of my barn in Langley, BC. Caring for and training animals has always been my passion. As a veterinary technologist, I have worked in veterinary clinics for 30 years developing my expertise in caring for small animals of all kinds. At home, I have shared my life with four rottweilers. I fell for rotties at a young age and they have been my teachers and my companions, leading me on my journey to become the trainer I am today.

When I got my first puppy, a rottweiler cross, in 1981, I was eager to start her training only to find out that no puppy class would accept her before she was six months old. When she was old enough we started classes at the Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Club, where I was eventually asked to become an instructor. In 1994, I started my own puppy classes on the Island. Then in 1996 I moved to Aldergrove with my new husband Omer and in 2001 we welcomed our daughter Elizabeth to our family. We are also blessed by a large animal family including cats, dogs, chickens and horses.

On my quest to be the best trainer I could be, I pursued a professional certification from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. I received my certification in 2003, and I have attended annual conferences and workshops for many years since, honing my skills and staying up to date on the industry’s professional standards and recommended methods. Additionally, in 2015, through the certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers I became Skills Assessed certified.

Today my philosophy has evolved into a focus on relationship building and trust. My education and personal experience have taught me that mutual respect between a dog and their owner is the best foundation for a successful life together. In my classes everything from basic puppy training, to addressing ongoing behavioural issues or exploring agility training is done using positive reinforcement, fun and play.