I contacted our Veterinarian Clinic after our 15 month old poodle/terrier bit me when I took something away from her; we were referred to Janet for training. We went to meet her and began a series of behaviour training sessions. They seemed to be based on building a trusting relationship with our dog. We were able to practice the techniques we learned, at home. The exercises were short and simple. We learned to be patient and use a step by step approach. They were helpful in our daily activities. Gradually it became easier to put on her harness, leash and to comb her. Our groomer found her easier to manage. Our relationship with her became more predictable and we all felt more confident. After 7 weeks, by using a technique we had practiced I was able to stop her from ingesting a foreign object. It would have resulted in injury, I felt very relieved!

If you’re having any behavioural difficulties with your dog we recommend you consult with Janet for advice.
— Bernie and Wanda, 2015

We had a great time training with you in all of the classes and really appreciate all of your patience and understanding of our canine companions. We’ve learned so much about Mya and ourselves over this last year and it is all because of your help! We will be highly recommending you to any and all of our friends.
Hope we cross paths again soon!
— Kelsie and Mya, 2014

Over the past 10 years we have had 4 separate dogs go through a variety of the training classes Janet has to offer. Through this positive training, we have successfully established a trusting relationship with our dogs, which is the key of Janet’s training. Typically we have chosen breeds that can often be stereotyped as “aggressive” dogs, and through this training and built up trust, our dogs have refuted the stereotype and become great ambassadors of their breed. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone looking for a professional in the dog training field, who is also a pleasure to deal with.
— Shirley, 2014

About eight months ago we acquired two lab/border collie pups (sibling sisters). We remembered that about fifteen years ago we inherited a lab/border collie pup which required some firm attention. At that time we went to Janet Magusin for assistance and were impressed with the results; namely we ended up with a well trained pup.

We knew shortly after arriving home with our two new pups that we were facing a challenge similar ( but times two!) to the one fifteen years ago. We wasted no time contacting Janet. Luckily, we were able to join a class involving an interesting mixture of pup types. We persevered through the weeks of training and were pleased with the results (great improvements in the pups, and we learned a lot). Over the next few months, we attended more classes and all were successful. As time goes on, we intend to followup with “post graduate” work with Janet.

Janet’s knowledge is imparted in a disciplined, gentle manner which is greatly appreciated by her doggy and human students. Her venue is ideal for training, and when the weather is inclement, she has an indoor space which works well.
— Ted and Evelyn, 2013