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Q: How old should my puppy be when I enroll her in puppy classes?
A: 12 – 16 weeks old

Q: What if my dog is older than 16 weeks?
A: I offer one-on-one behavioural consultation sessions for dogs of all ages. It’s important that dogs in my group classes are all still puppies, as the interactions between puppies and adolescent dogs are more complex, and the presence of older dogs changes the dynamic of the group.

Q: I want my kids to learn to take responsibility for our puppy. Can they come to classes too?
A: Yes, all family members are welcome. I think you’ll find that learning to train and care for your puppy together can be a great family activity. My daughter Elizabeth often joins the class as my assistant!

Q: What are your rates?
A: Please contact me for details about rates for classes or behavioural consultations.

Q: When are your group classes held?
A: Classes are typically on weekday evenings. Please contact me for details about when the next session will be held.

Q: How many sessions are in the group puppy classes? 
A: Seven sessions

Q: How many puppies are in each class?
A: A minimum of three and a maximum of five.

Q: My puppy doesn’t have all her vaccines yet, can we still enroll in puppy classes?
A: Yes, as long as she is on a veterinary recommended vaccination program.