Behavioural Consultation

I offer one-on-one behavioural consultation sessions for a variety of clients.

These sessions are recommended for you if:

  • Your dog is over 16 weeks old

  • You have one or two specific training goals

  • Your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend the group puppy classes

  • You’ve noticed your dog display concerning behaviours around people or other animals

We will start with two one-hour sessions within a 7 – 10 day period. This will give me a chance to get to know you and your dog. Together we will create an initial management plan that addresses your immediate concerns. Next, using a series of interactive games and and training tools, we will work towards your specific goals and strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.

Our work together will build your dog’s trust in you, correct inappropriate behaviours, and most importantly, teach your canine companion to look to you for safety, security and comfort.

Please contact me for further details on rates and scheduling.