Group Puppy Classes

Puppy Class
My group puppy classes provide the foundation for building a trust-based relationship with your dog. All puppies enrolling in group classes should be approximately 12 – 16 weeks old and be on a veterinary recommended vaccination program. Group puppy classes will cover:

  • basic cues sit, down, stand, stay, come

  • loose leash walking

  • bite inhibition

  • stop jumping up

  • crate training so pups will relax, be calm and quiet in their safe place

  • socialization – the environment of a group puppy class builds social skills with people and other dogs

  • novel handling techniques to prepare dogs for preventive dental care, grooming, toe nail trims and vet visits

Basics & Beyond Classes
My Basics & Beyond classes are designed for dogs who have completed the puppy class or enrolled in one-on-one consultations to prepare them for group classes. Basics & Beyond classes go beyond the foundation established in puppy classes and develop your skills even further. From practical to just plain fun, Basics and Beyond is a great way to continue challenging yourself and your dog!

Basics & Beyond: Manners Class
The Manners Class focuses on teaching your dog polite manners for real world situations including door manners, greeting without jumping or lunging, settling down and object exchanges (to give and take willingly on cue).

Basics and Beyond: Intro to Agility
Intro to Agility is an opportunity to expose young dogs and beginners to the fun world of agility. The dogs are introduced to various modified pieces of agility equipment including the tunnel, weave poles, table, rocker board, ramps, tire and jumps.

Basics and Beyond: Sniffer Dog
Sniffer Dog is suited to all dogs: energetic, fearful, reactive or bored. Let your dog show you how amazing their nose really is! Best of all this work can be done with limited space, little expense and will mentally tire your dog out. Any dog can be great!

Please contact me for rates and upcoming class schedules.

As a registered veterinary technologist, I understand the health risks associated with group puppy classes. In an effort to promote socialization, while keeping everyone healthy, all puppies enrolled in my group classes must be on a veterinary recommended vaccination program.